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Perontorosa Wood Products is a family owned business based in Lawtey, Florida, USA. The goal of the company is to produce the finest, useful, and most unique wood products possible. All of the products listed came about from listening (eavesdropping) to relatives, friends, and friends of friends.


Our Craftsman

Jim Peronto is the designer, builder, finisher, and custodian who sweeps up the shop every day. He is a retired Elementary Music Specialist and taught all levels of Band, Orchestra and Chorus for 35 years, also serving as a Church Music Director.


Jim’s woodworking skills began in Cudahy, Wisconsin during the 8th grade when he took a woodshop class and has worked to develop his craft ever since. In 2001, Jim built a small woodshop as a hobby and began designing and perfecting items for the kitchen.

How We Got Here

One night after conducting a concert featuring “The Pines of Rome”, Jim had an epiphany: “Start a woodworking business when it’s time to retire from teaching.” Well, after years of giving Christmas gifts out to relatives and friends (who did not know these were prototype samples and they were actually serving as test subjects for the products) then tweaking this and that, Perontorosa Wood Products is the result, and we are here to serve your needs.

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